Sunday, 3 May 2015

The pool committee have been working hard to get the pool ready for this summer's swimming. The school have kindly agreed to change all the changing room doors so the pool area will be having a facelift !

Swimming in school will start on 18 May ..please watch the newsletter for class timetable ...but we will post it here too. Remember the children need to wear hats in the school pool (available from office at £2 each). Please also remember to pay your contribution to the upkeep of the pool, the letter is on this website under the Resources tab. This money is vital for us to keep the pool running.

Also the pool will be open at weekends and after school (providing a resuscitator is on duty). Swimming costs £2 per person per session or you can buy a child or family ticket .... again the letter is on the Resources tab. If you would like to be a resuscitator and be able to open the pool there are 2 courses only have to attend one. They are on Tues 12 May and Thurs 4 June from 7-9pm at school. If you would like to attend please contact Anne Oke on