Thursday, 16 March 2017

ESPSA Pool Rota for Summer 2018

The rota is being updated as & when people put their names down.  Please let the pool committee know if you can be a resuscitator or supervisor.  Resuscitators need first aid training, supervisors just need run though of pool of pool etiquette.  Thanks

The school pool is available to use in the holidays.
With the school running a holiday club, the main gates will need to be locked at all times, as the site must remain secure.
Those who have volunteered to open and provide resus, will open and man the gate from Church Road into nursery at 2pm and lock it again at 2.10pm.

Hopefully lots of you will be able to enjoy using the pool this week. Non Esp siblings and friends are welcome.
Season tickets are available on line.
£2 a swim for non ticket holders.
Next Resus course - Tuesday 7th June, 7-9pm.

Sup = Supervisor 
Res = Resuscitator