Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Christmas Card project

ESPSA Christmas card Project

Over the last few years you will no doubt have received a Christmas card which has been made from a design drawn by the child of a friend or family member. The ESPSA are offering you the chance to order cards which are printed with your child/ren’s artwork on !

In order to take part all you have to do is encourage your child to decorate a piece of A4 paper with a Christmas or winter picture or with photos (as long as they are not subject to copyright issues). There are a few basic rules:

Bold designs work best

Portrait  or landscape is fine on A4 paper/card

NO Glitter or metallic sequins can be used.

You can stick foam shapes and ‘googly’ eyes on .

Then you fill in the order form which is attached to this letter. If you want the card to have Designed by Joe Bloggs of Earley St Peter’s C Primary School you fill in the name you want in the ‘Designed by’ boxes. If you do not want the school name to appear, for example if a brother or sister has done a picture but they are not at our school then tick the box saying ‘School Name required’(I know that seems the wrong way round ).

A pack of 12 good quality cards costs £6 and subsequent packs are cheaper ...see order form.

Stick the completed order form on the back of the artwork .

Return the artwork with the order form stuck on the back and cash or cheque (to ESPSA) to the ESPSA box in the office by Friday 8th November. The cards should be back in school by the end of November.

Some examples of artwork and the cards produced from them will go up in the hall windows (near where the dinner money is collected). I have added a couple of photos of the artwork my children did last year and the cards which were made from them .

Any questions please contact Julia Munns (9265819/07768 923512)

Click here if you need to download extra forms