Monday, 17 June 2013

The Swimming Pool is open!

The swimming pool is officially open!  All children at Earley St Peters school will get weekly swimming lessons (from year 1 onwards).  These will also run in the first half of the Autumn term (weather permitting).  The pool is also open after school and in the school holiday. You can find details of the pool opening times here

The pool is totally funded by ESPSA, so without your contributions and the amazing volunteers we have we wouldn’t be able to keep the pool going.  Thanks to everyone for their contribution!

The pool was busy last year and lots of fun was had by everyone that used it.  Fingers crossed that 2013 sees a rare but much overdue long hot summer and we can all benefit from this great resource.

The government are concerned that a high percentage of children cant swim by the age of 9. We are so very lucky at Earley St Peters that ALL the children from year 1 onwards get weekly swimming lessons.  In most schools swimming lessons do not happen until year 5!

How can I use the pool?

The swimming contributions and family season tickets help us make this a really fun asset and one that is able to be maintained to a high standard.

Many thanks to everyone who has paid their swimming contributions.  If you still need to pay please complete this form.  Your child will need a hat and this can be purchased at the office.  Your class teacher will have told you what day your child has their lesson.

If you would like to swim after school or in the holidays the charge is only £2 per child per swim.  Have a look on the rota to see when the pool is open.  If you are planning to swim a lot then it works out cheaper to get a family ticket.  Details of how to order a family ticket are here

How can I help? 


You can help by opening the pool up in the morning and checking it at the end of the day.  We also need people to keep the pool clean and tidy and also regular maintenance.  If you would like to become a supervisor or resuscitator you will get reduced fees for the family ticket.  This years courses are now finished but we will be running them again next year and they are free of charge!

How do I open up?

You should only open the pool if you are a resuscitator or supervisor and have been shown how to open up.

Open the keybox by using the code and pulling down the black button on the left. If you don’t know the code please ring Julia (07768 923512) or Tracey (07876 266600). Use the key to open the padlock.

Once in the pool area open the First Aid room using the key which is kept on a nail on the right hand side of the door frame.

Use the set of keys in the First Aid room to open both sets of toilets and changing rooms. Check for anything left in changing rooms and if there is anything put it in the Lost Property box in First Aid room. Check both toilets have toilet rolls.

Put the lifesaving rubber ring on the hook outside First Aid room.

Check the chemicals : The red box is on the shelf in the First Aid room. Fill up the testing kit to the fill line. Use a DPD1 tablet in the smaller side (this tests for Chlorine). Use a Phenol red tablet in the bigger side (this tests for pH). Spare tablets are kept on the shelf in the First Aid room. Shake the testing kit (with the lids on) and compare the colours with those printed on the kit. The Chlorine should be between 1 and 5 and the pH should be between 7.0 and 7.8 (note the pH colour is always fainter than on the testing kit but try and compare the shade not the intensity of colour). Record the values in the folder and if the readings are in the safe range you can swim !

Remove the cover. This is best done with two people.

You are now ready for people to swim assuming that a resuscitator and supervisor are present.  They must be signed in and if they don’t have a family/child ticket (list in back of folder) they should pay £2 per session. Any adult can supervise as long as they are not in the water. Only people who have done our course can be resuscitators and a resuscitator on duty cannot be in the water.

At the end of the session you can hand on to another resuscitator or close up.

To close the pool you need to put the cover on, lock up the changing rooms and toilets and put the keys back in the First Aid room and then lock the First Aid room. Put the First Aid room key back on nail and then close and lock main swimming pool gate. Put key back in keybox and change code.