Saturday, 27 April 2013

Event: Quiz Nights

Each school year we run at least one quiz and often try to squeeze in two. These are aimed at people of all abilities, serious quizzers and people who just want to socialise and have a great evening out.
In order to try and even the scores up a bit, so the best team doesn't always win, we use a gambling wheel at the end of each round, giving people a chance to increase their score (or reduce it if things don't fall quite right).

The wheel of misfortune
Our current champions are Mrs Fielding and her PhD chums ... it's good to know our teachers are a brainy lot.

The last quiz raised £360 with ten teams pitting their wits against each other on a variety of topics from Film Posters to British Seaside Resorts. Come and join us next time, it's always a good night.