Saturday, 23 March 2013

Events: Chocolate Games

In March we had a fun afternoon playing bingo and doing Easter Crafts. Once again Mr Avenell was our superb bingo caller although he might need to refresh his memory on who the PM is .....Number 10 is no longer 'Tony's den' ! As in previous years all the bingo prizes were Easter eggs

This year we also tried a few new activities; Julia Munns helped everyone make Easter nest cakes in the new kitchen facility in Miss Harbour's classroom.

There was an Easter treasure hunt, we made butterflies and Easter cards with Jacky Henley and there was some colouring for the little ones.

Thanks to Emma J and Alison Green for providing us all with a welcome cup of tea and cakes throughout the event.

This is an annual event and we are always looking for new ideas and new participants ...all are welcome !

Not all the cakes got home