Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Introducing the team: Year 5 Reps: Miranda Aston and Anne Oke

My name is Miranda Aston and I joined the School Association when my eldest daughter, Jemima, was in year 1, she's now in year 5. I also have Heidi in year 3 and a little boy, Sam, who is due to start at the pre-school in the autumn.

I joined ESPSA because the events they organise are valuable in so many ways, not only in raising money for the school, but the children love them too.  My children get so excited about the school disco, bonfire night and other events and talk about them for weeks beforehand.

I am Anne Oke and mother of Oliver who is currently in Year 5. My other son George is in year 2.

I have enjoyed being involved with the ESPSA so far and as a family we have particularly appreciated the ESPSA's work with the swimming pool, it is a fantastic asset.