Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Introducing the team: Co- chairs: Hanna Hussain and Lindsay Padbury

Hanna Hussain

My name is Lindsay Padbury.  I have been part of the school Association Committee for the 5 years.  My eldest is currently in year 5, 2nd in year 3 and youngest in Year 2.
 I am a member of ESPSA because if we, as parents, do not support the school, many of the events that are seen as part of school life would not happen.  I believe that school should not only provide a strong academic base for the children to build upon when they move on to secondary school but also provide a wealth of positive life experiences.  For example the school fayres, bonfire night,  pancake day activities, chocolate games, year 6 leavers gifts and discos.
 I am co-chairing the ESPSA with Hanna Hussain.  I also organise the Summer Fayre.