Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Introducing the Team

The current ESPSA committee comprises of the following people:-

Hester Wooller - President
Hanna Hussain - chair
*** This could be you! *** – Vice Chair
Judith Bowler – Treasurer
Vanessa Collins - Secretary
Martin Bissett  -  Teachers Representative

Hanna Hussain,  Judith Bowler, Katie Stranks, Myfanwy Slade, Nicola McGaughey, Kim Williams, Charlotte Foster, Anne Langois and Fergus Harradence.

Swimming pool Sub-Committee
Anne Oke would like to establish a formal sub-committee for the pool

Year Representative roles
Reception : Marina Hervi and Nicola McGaughey
Year 1 : Lydia Hamilton and Susanna Ivy
Year 2 : Jane Williams and Judith Bowler
Year 3 : Charlotte Foster
Year 4 : Kim Williams
Year 5 : Anne Oke and Miranda Aston
Year 6 : Myfanwy Slade and Katie Stranks

We  appreciate all the help from the school community including parents, grandparents, carers and staff, without your support and volunteering we could not put on all the ESPSA events. We have a friends of ESPSA e-mailing list that we send out when we need help.  If you would like to be put on this list please e-mail lindsaypadbury@hotmail.co.uk   Joining the list does not commit you to participating.

Please either speak to a member of the committee or attend one of our ESPSA meetings if you are interested in joining the committee.   Everyone linked with the school welcome.